Woodland Park Democratic Committee


The Borough of Woodland Park SealThe Woodland Park Democratic Organization is responsible for selecting, endorsing and working on behalf of candidates for Mayor and Borough Council. The organization is headed by a Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson that are selected by the County Committee and elected every third year on the Monday following the June Primary Election. County Committee people are selected every three years during the Primary Election.

One male and one female are elected from each of the voting districts in Woodland Park.

Municipal Chairman: Ronald Pascrell

Vice Chairwoman: Teresa Olivo

County Committee 2013-2016

Dist.1 – Fire Co. #1

William Petrucelli
Josephine Puglisi

Dist. 2 – Beatrice Gilmore School

Keith Tanski
Sherry Van Dyk

Dist. 3 – First Aid Squad

Joseph Pascrell
Teresa Olivo

Dist. 4 – Charles Olbon School

Timothy Bargiel
Arlene Kazmark

Dist. 5 – Boys & Girls Club / Senior Center

Albert Kahwaty
Grace Del Guercio

Dist. 6 – Charles Olbon School

William Karp
Thomas A. Minnella

Dist. 7 – Four Seasons at Great Notch Clubhouse

Thomas Lawler
Judith Adamo


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